Zlatibor, widely known winter resort, summer and health resort, is the most attractive tourist destinations in Serbia, which numerous of domestic and foreign tourists visit during the whole year.

Zlatibor is located 230km from Belgrade, 300 km from Novi Sad and 300 km from the Adriatic Sea.

A large number of sunny days (more than 230) during the year, the wind rose and the wonderful smell of pine trees will make your staying in Zlatibor unforgettable. On the other hand the center of Zlatibor is highly urbanized. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, cake shops and clubs where everyone will find an appropriate place for a party. There are sports shops, boutiques, jewelry stores, perfumeries, pharmacies …

Staying at this magical mountain can be completed by going to numerous picnic Sirogojno, Potpecka cave, Waterfalls Gostilje, Old Church in Jablanica, Reserve Uvac, Ski center Tornik, Mokra Gora, Visegrad, Andricgrad complex and much more which adorn the Zlatibor District. 


Mokra Gora

Nature Park "Šargangan-Mokra Gora" covers part of the mounatin Tara and the border with the National Park Tara.

Sirogojno and "Stopica cave"

The museum under the open sky - etno village "Sirogojno" and one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia - Stopica cave.


Tara was declared as a national park in 1981 and covers an area of 19.750 hectares. The highest peak is Koziji (Goat) Rid.

Special Nature Reserve Uvac

The unique habitat of an impressive bird griffon, vulture which is threatened with extinction.


In Visegrad visit Andricgrad complex, built on the idea of the famous film director Emir Kusturica.